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Aldar's End
"You are a slow learner, are you not?"

Into Odie's Palace
"'You are having a really bad day.' It's not as if I needed fortune stones to know that..."

"To be that effin' bad at something, you have to know something about the subject."

"Bloody hell, Cadnos, you still look like something a catfolk brough in and brought up."

"We just walk in, and we walk out..."

On Location With...
"Okay, how have I messed up to deserve this?"

"It works just as well as anything else, the same way as anything else."

Cunning & Guile
"Quit being a baby. It's all for a good cause."

By Candlelight
An exercise. Draw your blade, and strike the wick of a candle to snuff it. Then repeat forty-nine more time without pausing.

Background Check
"Someone promote that woman."

Sentinel Syndrome: City Tour
"Not without evaluating your calorific value first."

Interview Methods
"Don't say it like I was a criminal, Cadnos."

Sentinel Syndrome: A Familiar Tale

"Jus' festering, brother."

Thoughts of Chaos
"I trust there will be no trouble, gentlemen?"

Church & State
"Oh, come on. I can smerr a catfight when one's about to happen. And we've got the mud."

"I hate you, Cadnos."

"You've just got more years of gut."

In All Fairness
"I said I know you did it. That doesn't mean you're guilty."

"Could've bought the deeds for a song, but I can't carry a tune and it wouldn't be as much fun, would it?"

"Enjoy the rest of your career, kiddo."